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If you need short-term help in Android design, usability, review or just giving a push to your team, remember, we are very close to the airport. Unfortunately our Android robots cannot fly…

Strategic Consulting

Strategy to target Android SDK and various Android SDK versions to support the application on.

Strategy to decide devices (Phone, tablets, e-book reader, Google TV..) to build your application for.

Roadmap and business model for Enterprise mobility.

Architecture and Design

Architecting App Widgets for home screen
Android Home Screen Widgets

Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM

Push notifications to devices..
Data Storage Strategy
Android Architecture Data Storage
Choose the right storage mechanism | Client Vs Cloud | SD Card Vs Phone Memory Vs SQLite

In-App purchase

Design an application where users can purchase stuff from within an Application using In-App purchase from Android.

In App Purchase

Google Analytics

Design tracking of the usage of your application using Google Analytics API from Android.

Google Analytics

Choosing right components from Android

While designing application, choose right components/API from Android.

Android Components

Porting application to devices

There are many Android devices available and number is growing. We build strategy to port application for these devices.

Android porting application to devices

Other architecture areas on Android

Usability, UX and UI Design

Usability and UX is very important for an Application to get closer to the user and liked by him. There are few major things that we need to keep in mind:
User is Lazy and doesn’t want to change habits soon. Design an app that is easy to use.
Optimum use of screen space. Place your elements such that they utilize well the space available on the screen. Different layouts for landscape and portrait mode.
Handle user anxiety by keeping user engaged. If application is getting some data from the network then show a progress bar to the user. If you can show as to how much time will it take or show a progress % then you handle user anxiety well. Next level of handling this could be get some data and show it to the user and populate the rest in the background. This way user is seeing the data than the Progress bar.
Design the correct layout for different form factors, density and other configurations. Image button that appears fine in a low density phone will occupy less space in high density phone and hence will appear smaller. We understand such things and many more while working on layouts.

InnovationM Android UI Design

InnovationM Android UI Design

Design and Code Review

We help companies in design and code review of application. We have compiled list of areas where developers make mistakes. Also, we have a repository of best design and coding practices that developers should be following. Some of the areas:
Optimum use of threads.
Handling exceptions in the code and communicating it to the user.
Code re-usability.
Optimum logging (Personal information is not logged)
Handling different use cases.
Releasing system resources when not required.
Correct usage of activity lifecycle and storing instance state.
… and much more.
We will help you develop those best practices and a process to improve on it further.

InnovationM Design and Code Review