What is web development and why is it important for your company and website ?

Web development can simply refer to creating, maintaining and designing a site, like those you usually encounter while browsing the internet. It can be as simple as creating layout and design for your site and as complex as doing coding and HTML for your website.
If you’re looking for a website designing company in Noida you have to understand these things first. Web development is important for your website for some various reasons,

When your potential customers visit your site they judge your company by site design and the service your site provides, a good and well maintained site makes a great impression. Based on what they see on your site they judge your company and also judge how you might treat your customers based on how your site looks. There’s a static saying 48% of users believe if you have a poor website your company has less credibility and 38% potential customers abandon your site and leave if you have poor layouts.

People nowadays do not trust a company who has a poorly designed site, and web development is something which is done by your competitors so you have to do it in order to step up your game.

This is the one fundamental issue you can’t afford to get wrong. If you’re looking for a website designing company in Noida you need to know which web development Noida agency gives importance to SEO. Sites practicing poor SEO by an agency will struggle and face an uphill battle to be seen on google. Certain web design elements and how you publish your content directly affect SEO on your page. You have to choose wisely when it comes to a web development Noida agency or website designing company in Noida.

What Bytelogic offers to you and your website?

Bytelogic is a website design company in Noida or web design agency in Noida. We work across the globe and we have our office for a website designer agency in Noida. We actually understand customer’s psychology and what they actually need and we work on your website according to that.that improves your image and trust of your customers.

We create best designs for your site which fits your brand perfectly.
We use easy navigation for your site, we make the user experience on another level that your customers/ audience enjoy visiting your site.
We create designs which are responsive which is beneficial to keep your audience and customers engaged.
Our website design agency in Noida believes in customer satisfaction and understands how important it is so we design your website in a way that improves your image and trust of your customers.
We highly focus on SEO i.e search engine optimization, we understand the significance of SEO in a site and how it helps your site to get recognition by Google and audience in general.
Many web development Noida agencies don’t give enough importance to this but we help your site to become more mobile friendly. According to Google algorithm, mobile friendly sites are more likely to get better results and statistics show that Companies with a mobile-first website increased their sales by 68% in comparison to sites which are not mobile friendly.

What do we actually do ? Let's get technical.

We do both frontend and backend work. Let’s start with the front end, HTML, JS, CSS, LESS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular and more. It’s what the audience sees and interacts with to use the website.
When it comes to backend work, our website designing company in Noida does PHP, GO, Java, NodeJS, python and more. Backend is the work that makes the website actually run and work. We also create user interfaces and make the user experience better.

How are we different from other website designing company in Noida,

There are many website designing companies in Noida which can confuse you to choose which one is best for you. If you’re looking for these qualities in a web development Noida agency then our website designing company in Noida is the one for you,
You will have the ability to track your project: we will inform you of everything step by step. We believe in data transparency.
We’re not only a web designing company in Noida, we also provide other web related services apart from only web development services so we have a deeper understanding of this web development Noida industry. We are giants in our fields.
Fair communication : we’ll be available 24/7 and help you with even a minor issue so there will be no communication gap.
Our web development Noida agency i.e Bytelogic have a solid team of experts: our team has many good software engineers and experts on this field who would work for you to create best customer experience on your website
We’re not only web designers in Noida, we’ve worked with many Indian and international satisfied customers who trust us and our company. You can check out our reviews. We help the client through critical thinking, planning, and discussion for better. Bytelogic is the best website design agency in Noida for these reasons.


I discussed everything about the web design agency in Noida and what our company offers to you. It’s your decision what web design agency in Noida you choose. Just make sure that you make the right decision for your site or your brand for a better experience for your audience and potential customers. Our website designing company in Noida i.e Bytelogic wishes you best for your company and your site.